About Us

The Secondary Municipal High School "Nikola Karev" from Strumica has about 1500 students included in educational profiles with four-year and three-year duration of education. The school also provides specialist education in the following professions:


Schools mission

Starting from the professional and spacious potential of our school, a priority is set in the overall work expressed in the mission. Mission Statement: We are an environment always open to creation. Using modern educational technology, we train staff capable of responding to modern professional challenges.

Schools vision

In order to achieve the set goals with a predetermined dynamics, within the possibilities adapted to the social movements, it is considered that in a period of three to five years our school with already built school culture will be an initiator and mediator in the development of the local cooperation with economic entities, governmental and non-governmental organizations. From all of them our students who with their mentors and professors using the connection will be carriers of cooperation both in the local environment and in the wider region.

To become a powerful technical school in the Republic of Macedonia with high quality education through:

Cooperation with educational institutions

Working on projects

International cooperation

Educational and productive activities