School Company


The student company MATIC was founded in September 2021, by 30 students from several professions from our school - forestry and wood processing profession from I and IV year and part of the students from IV year profession Computer engineering and automation. The student company was established as a result of a project by Junior Achievement-Macedonia with support from the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development and USAID to encourage students' entrepreneurial skills and their direction for founding and managing a company after completing their education.


The company is engaged in the production and sale of multifunctional and innovative for home and business premises (offices). The range of products produced by the company are:


They got the idea as a result of the limited space in the households and offices, but also the availability of the resources with which the cabinets from the forestry and wood processing profession are equipped.


The mission of our company is in the first school year to make several types of products and through donation of the same, introducing the general public as potential buyers, and some of them have already become our customers. The goal is to create a high quality work environment, and the appearance of the products to enable recognition of our creativity and business leadership.


The vision of our company is to become a dominant real student company at the state level, with the production and sale of all kinds of products, and the range of products will be expanded with other types of products. Greater achievements in modern technology with high quality design and uniqueness of products to create an attractive and favorable business climate that promises high social status of the company and the school.

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